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Married – Four children

Born 29 september 1961 à Brest (Finistère) – FRANCE
Spent 3 years in WASHINGTON DC during 1963-1966
Bachelor (scientific) in june 1980
Military service in 1986

Law studies in Paris X Nanterre University :

– « Maîtrise de carrières judiciaires » in juin 1986 (procedure specialization)
– « Maîtrise de droit des affaires » in juin 1987 (business law specialization)
– Institut d’Etudes Judiciaires Henry Motulski in 1988
– DEA de Droit des Affaires (1st cursus) in septembre 1988 (research « half cursus »)
– Publicated work  » Sponsoring and patronage : systematization in contracts and corporate laws »
– Certificat d’accès à la profession d’avocat in september 1988
– Sworn in the 11 january 1989
– Registered the 29 mars 1994
– Creation of his own law firm the 1st september 1997
– English: read, spoken and written


I believe in liberal development of my firm outside big structures. A quality services implicate a human dimension structure where communication and management are simplified to the extreme in order to develop clevering and prospective services in a « free dynamic open way » and with the help of modern ware tools (internet, computer, GSM assistance, etc …).


* Since SEPTEMBER 1997 : creation of his own firm with Agesilas MYLONAKIS and, since 2003, the SELAFA BERNARDS : main activities in insurance and bankruptcy law, business, real property, inheritage and civil laws.

* SCP ROBERT MOREAU BERNARD lax firm (AIJA member) since june 1989.

Counsil and pleading activities in specific grounds : insurance law (usual risks, construction et, less often ground and sea transportation), real property, inheritage and lease law, sell of goods and consumation law, advertising law, social law

Following of execution of national or international arbitrary and judicial decisions and french exequatur.

Counsil and pleading activities in the interest of financial or commercial firms in others grounds : bankruptcy law and business criminal law, proprietary leasing of equipments or real properties law and financial law as assistant council of a famous french bank group, execution law.

Counsil and pleading activities in the interest of legal trustee in bankruptcy law. Similar activities in the interest of banks (contracts).

* Teaching activities since 1988 in professionnal education sector. special grounds : groupment law – social law – intellectual property law.


Jazz musician (guitar and bass player) and also composer in spare time.

All rights reserved. (c) André Roulleaux Dugage.

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